OnChain Studios Revs Up A Multi-Year Cryptoys Partnership With NASCAR

Story By: IVY MOLLENKAMP / CRYPTOYS – MIAMI, FL – OnChain Studios announced a multi-year partnership with NASCAR to create an exciting line of playable and collectible digital toys to be sold and featured on Cryptoys, the revolutionary new digital toy company that combines toys, gaming and entertainment.

The partnership will bring NASCAR’s iconic brand into a fun and interactive world where fans of the wildly popular sport can collect, trade and play with digital toy race cars.

The collaboration will take NASCAR fans from the racetrack into an exciting digital world where collectors will be able to unbox their digital toys and take them out for a test drive in the expansive and playable Cryptoys universe.

“NASCAR will be the first sports franchise in the Cryptoyverse, offering a new way for collectors and fans to engage with the exciting world of stock car racing,” said Will Weinraub, CEO and Co-Founder of Cryptoys’ parent company OnChain Studios. “We’re looking to build fun and new digital NASCAR experiences together.”

“Cryptoys builds amazing digital toys, has a passionate community and offers another high-quality experience for fans to engage with NASCAR,” said Mitch Rasmussen, NASCAR director, Web3. “Will has assembled an incredible team, and we are excited to help bring their vision for the future of play to life. This collaboration reinforces how NASCAR is tapping into emerging technology to reach new and existing fans in the spaces and places where they prefer to participate.”